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Blockchain Technology

As a standard practice, blockchain technology is used to store transaction records to track cryptocurrency ownership.

SignOnTheGo’s team, through their ingenuity, used the blockchain technology to add another layer of security that surpasses the e-signature market security standard.

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A digital ledger that keeps a record of all transactions taking place on a peer-to-peer network.

All information transferred via blockchain in encrypted and every occurrence recorded, meaning it cannot be altered.

It is decentralised, so there’s no need for any central, certyfying authority.cannot be altered.

It can be used for much more than the transfer of currency; contracts, records and other kinds of data can be shared.

Encrypted information can be shared across multiple providers without risk of privacy breach.

Improving the e-signature market is extremely relevant as more sophisticated computing and network technologies are introduced almost monthly. For users, administrators, finance managers, and government agencies, an optimized e-signature system that can meet trending demands and challenges is an absolute necessity to remain trusted and relevant.

We are starting with the U.S. Market; with the expansion of the e-commerce industry and being one of the largest e-commerce industries in the world, there is a need for companies like SignOnTheGo to continue to challenge the status quo. Security, for example, is a key issue today. We are addressing this issue with blockchain technology.

We have adopted the blockchain technology to address the security concern especially with the increase in fraudulent activities over the internet for transactions and official activities that are being conducted every second across the globe. Our approach to enhance the current concern in terms of security is proven.  SignOnTheGo’s blockchain implementation in support of transactions over the internet will have the appropriate trust protocol.

SignOnTheGo advanced features and blockchain-secured platform will bring much-needed value at a lower price point to the electronic signature market. Check out SignOnTheGo’s pricing at www.signonthego.us. The product is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, and the Web.

signonthego esignature application, e-signature, digital pdf signing, blockchain