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Tired of using paper? Want to collaborate faster?

With SignOnTheGo, you can increase efficiency and productivity while collaborating with your business partners. Create, review, edit, track, negotiate terms and conditions anytime. Fully execute agreements in near real-time.

Send custom reminder to your business partners.

Securely exchange documents and verify the authenticity of these documents through blockchain technology.

Implement our state-of-the-art technological advancements into your organizational processes:

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Blockchain Trust Protocol = Smart e-Docs





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Process Flow Overview

Process Flow Overview
Initiate the Process

Upload your own templates or documents to be signed, or use in-app templates. Complete the terms and conditions.

Track & Negotiate

Send, track, receive notifications while documents are moving through the workflow. Negotiate if necessary.

Protected Smart e-Docs

Fully execute all agreements and official documents in real-time. Smart documents will be created through blockchain.

1-ic-document Features
Documents and Templates

Easily important documents and templates to sign and send out for signature and for collaboration.

2-ic-document Features
Types of Templates

Import .pdf, .docx, .pptx. Additional files can be uploaded (e.g., .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png). All of this files can used as templates to be sent for signature.

3-ic-document Features
Pre-Signature Negotiation Workflow

The workflow allows for editing of the terms and conditions between the parties prior to acceptance of the agreement.

4-ic-document Features
Custom Templates

Create your templates by adding text fields, checkbox fields and upload to send for signature.

5B-ic-document Features
Importing MS Extensions Files

Import microsoft files (e.g., .docx and .pptx) and prepare to send for signature.

6-ic-document Features
Document Retraction

Before anyone party sign, retract the document at no extra cost. The workflow process for the document will be terminated.

7-ic-document Features
Multiple Roles Process

In the process, approval and information flows can be added before document is signed.

8-ic-document Features
Custom Signature Order

Add signers to the document, place the order in which the document must be signed. The workflow will follow the order that has been selected.

9-ic-document Features
Signature Initials

Signatures can be placed anywhere on the document. Initials will be placed automatically on the bottom right corner of the page. It is optional to add initials in all or selected page(s).

10-ic-document Features

Search for documents and templates from your account. Uses filters, search by document name, or email.

11-ic-document Features
Unlimited Document Revisions

This process allows for partners to agree to the terms and conditions through unlimited revisions before a document can be fully executed.

12-ic-document Features
Document Audit

Every executed document contains an audit trail page. This page contains detailed validated information about the document.

13-ic-document Features
Assigning Roles

A partner can be added to approve a document, to review as information or as a signer.

14-ic-document Features
Track and Compare Changes to Document

An editable template can be edited by all partners during negotiation.  All changes are saved. All changes and revisions can be compared.

15-ic-document Features
Multi-Signature Workflow

Unlimited signatures can be added to the document. However, user’s discretion is required as too many signatures maybe unmanageable.

16-ic-document Features
In-Person Signature Workflow

An agreement or document can be drafted on-site and presented to a partner for their signature. The document can be presented on a mobile device (e.g., iOS or Android devices).

17-ic-document Features
One-Person Signature Workflow

A document can be drafted and make ready for one person to sign, (e.g., a letter of recommendation).

18-ic-document Features
Insert Additional Images into Document

Images can be inserted into any document before sending for signature.

19-ic-document Features
Push Notifications

In-app push notifications for all transactions pertaining to user’s activity

20-ic-document Features
E-Mail Notifications

Email notifications for all transactions pertaining to user’s activity.

21-ic-document Features
Reminder Notifications

When a document has been sent to a partner, the initiator can remind the partner with custom messages. The reminder can be used on multiple occasions on the process flow.

1-ic-doc Features
Document Archives

All executed documents will be moved to the archive folder automatically, based on the date set through settings.

2-ic-doc Features
Cloud Storage Integration

Integrated with industry leading cloud solutions Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

3-ic-doc Features
Executed Document Sharing

Once a document has been executed, it can be shared with anyone. Select the specific document and forward to the interested party via email.

4-ic-doc Features
Exporting Documents

All executed documents can be exported. A user can select any executed document and export to any location.

5-ic-doc Features
Personalized Library

Users can upload and move files to their personalized template folder for future use.

6-ic-doc Features
Document Printing

All executed documents can be printed at anytime.

7-ic-doc Features
Template Sharing

For business accounts, the administrator can share templates to all account users.

9-ic-doc Features

Search for documents and templates from your account. Uses filters, search by document name, or email.

10-ic-doc Features
In-App Template Library

Multiple pre-designed templates have been available for all users.

Manage Use

The Admin panel provides the administrator full access in adding, blocking and removing members.

Activity Dashboard

The activity dashboard provides the administrator the ability to monitor all activities within the corporate account.

Team Transaction Dashboard

All transactions (documents waiting to be signed, executed documents, etc.), can be seeing through the team transaction dashboard.

Manage Team Templates

All corporate templates will be made available for team-sharing.

Create New User Account

An administrator can create accounts for all corporate members.

Delate User Account

An administrator can delete any account within his corporate account.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been implemented in the security infrastructure.

Audit Trail History

Every document contains an additional page with all historical data trail.

Digital QR Certification Code

Each executed document has a unique identifier verified by blockchain technology and embedded into the executed document. A QR code is added on each audit trail page. This QR Code can be used to verify the authenticity of the document.


This a United States federal law that was passed by the U.S. Congress to facilitate the use of electronic records and electronic signatures in interstate and foreign commerce by ensuring the validity and legal effect of contracts entered into electronically.

Unique Document Security Code

Each document is provided with unique hash to avoid creating duplicates.

Trust Protocole

Every executed document has a specific trust protocol generated through blockchain technology.

PDF Document Lock

One additional layer of security – No parties can make additional edits to an executed document.

Change History

All documents will have all the iteration of the document from the first version to the last version.